DevOpsNg Abuja Meetup

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Why “Shifting Left”?

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Meet Our Speakers

Andrew Burian

SRE Lead at Dapper Labs

In his role, he is responsible for leading infrastructure and observability efforts across the organization. Prior to his current role, Andrew served as SRE lead at Dapper Labs parent company, Axiom Zen. Andrew will be joining us as the Keynote Speaker for Localhost Conference. His Keynote speech is titled "Do It on Purpose".

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Hila Fish

Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix

She is a public speaker with 15 years of experience in the the tech space, and believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best. Hila's topic at the conference will be centered on "Open Source - Open Choice: A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption".

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Shehu Awwal

DevOps Engineer

He is a DevOps engineer interested in Kubernetes, infrastructure, and security. Shehu will be speaking on “Container Security - How To Avoid Attacks” at the Localhost Conference. He will also be shedding light on how to ensure you have an idea about what is running on the container.

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Opeyemi Alao

Opeyemi Alao

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Ibukunoluwa Itimi

Observability Lead at Paystack

Ibukun is a DevOps and Observability Engineer who has spent most of her career working with Engineering and Product teams to gain visibility into system performance and reliability while building and scaling teams, driving and being an advocate for prioritizing the DevOps and Observability culture in these organizations. Ibukun will be speaking on - "Beyond the Four Golden Signals" during the Meetup.

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Asiya Yanusa

Devops Engineer at Interswitch

Asiya is a DevOps engineer at Interswitch Group. She is currently researching and implementing methods and best practices in developing and designing efficient software delivery processes, which includes implementing OPA in an enterprise environment for on-premises and cloud infrastructure. She'll be speaking on Policy as Code with Open Policy Agent

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AbdulBasit Kabir

Devops Engineer at Interswitch

AbdulBasit is a creative problem solver working with one of the largest digital payments providers in Africa. He has in various roles been involved in evolving & streamlining efficient development and delivery of multiple software applications. AbdulBasit also speaks on software delivery, best practices, and automation at meetups and conferences. He will be speaking on Policy as Code with Open Policy Agent.

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Break out Sessions

Topic: Application Performance Monitoring
Time : After the main conference
Ogechi Vivian
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Topic: Decoupling Terraform using Terragrunt
Time : After the main conference
Promise Chukwuenyem
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Topic: Implementing SLOs
Time : After the main conference
Marcelo Mendonça
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Topic: How to Build a Distributed & Secure Database Ecosystem with PostgreSQL
Time : After the main conference

Why Attend?

The key focus of our conference is to create an atmosphere to connect and network with industry experts and thought leaders in the space by listening to their inspiring stories, share ideas and collaborate together on future projects.
Learn strategies, industry challenges and trends and build the practical skills and knowledge to maximize the technology you have and bring more speed to your supply chain
Take advantage of the strategic and visionary sessions to gain technology innovation insights that will help you transform the experience your customers have across every channel to work smarter and faster